The ANC in Free State is humbled, pleased and inspired by the outcomes of the by-elections held in Ward 12, Metsimaholo Local Municipality yesterday, the 01st of February 2017. In this highly contested elections, the ANC has shown its durability as a brand as a living hope for the people of South Africa.


Following the resignation of an ANC councillor in the ward, the IEC declared a by-election in order to fill the vacancy created. The ANC knew that this was not going to be an easy elections. In the first instance, the ANC was not blind to the fact that some who are former members of the ANC would attempt to mobilize ANC members and supporters to vote for particular candidates.


And the ANC knew that the forces opposed to the ANC would have regrouped, also emboldened by the perceptions of disunity in the ANC, as well as suspicions that the ANC had lost popularity in Metsimaholo. The by-elections in Ward 12 has exposed such perceptions to be a farce. The ANC machinery, as observed in its ability to interact with the masses through door-to-door campaigns, community meetings, sectoral meetings and through various media, have proven to be still potent.


Even in this area of adversity, the people have shown their love and support for the ANC. The ANC thanks each and each and every individual who cast their vote for the ANC candidate. Out of 1 588 votes cast, 492, or 31.34% were in favour of the ANC. The ANC does not take this victory for granted. We are pleased with this victory.


The ANC is also aware that there was a decline in support as compared to the August 03rd Local Government Elections in this specific ward. The ANC is worried about that loss of support. The ANC has already developed a strategy to retain its support with specific attention on Metsimaholo municipality. We hope that we will restore our people’s confidence in the ANC again.


We wish to congratulate Comrade Lebohang Makhefu, the ANC candidate who will be joining the Metsimaholo Council as an opposition councillor. Together with all other 18 ANC councilors in the Council, we have confidence he will perform his functions and ensure that the ANC election manifesto is incorporated in the programmes and projects of Metsimaholo Local Municipality. The ANC also wishes to that the leadership, the members, Allaince partners, supporters and ordinary members of the community for their continued support. The ANC is an organization of the people and has its roots amongst the people. 



Issued by



Comrade William Kwekwe Bulwane

Provincial Secretary


For Enquiries contact:


Comrade Thabo Meeko



Provincial Spokesperson

Cell: 082 414 9484