ANC Free State Interim Committee Media Statement

The Free State Provincial Interim Committee congratulates ANC President Ramaphosa on his election and subsequent swearing in as the 5th President of the Republic of South Africa. This comes after the NEC resolution to recall the former President of the Republic Cde Jacob Zuma in the interest of managing transition.We salute both President Ramaphosa and Cde Jacob Zuma’s handling of the process to its conclusion which restored confidence in the robustness of our party’s internal democracy as well as the country’s democratic institutions thus enabling the country get back to focussing on the fight against the triple challenges of unemployment, inequality and poverty.
The Interim Committee also wishes to quell malicious rumours circulating on social media platforms alleging that two of its leaders,Comrades Paseka Nompondo and William Bulwane, have been arrested on being implicated in the Vrede Dairy Farm project as nothing but spurious fake news formulated and disseminated with the sole intent of defaming the character of those comrades. We therefore dismiss these unfounded claims with the contempt that they deserve and encourage our members to be vigilant of these kind of actions.
We call on the entire ANC membership to help shape the discourse on the 4th Industrial Revolution and agitate against its negative manifestation to confront amongst others the dangerous phenomena of fake news.The rapid development in IT development must be geared to add impetus to confront poverty and inequality.
We wish to reinterate Maximum discipline from all members of the ANC is imperative in the year of UNITY, RENEWAL AND JOBS and this can be best expressed when all members rally behind the collective decisions of all leadership structures.

Issued by:

William Bulwane
PTT Co-ordinator

Paseka Nompondo
PTT Convenor

For further enquiries contact :
Thabo Meeko
Provincial Interim Structure Spokesperson